• February Reading

  • James Dyson should buy as many technology companies as he can

    A few thoughts around the recent news of Dyson investing £5m into a UK robotics lab

  • January 2014 Reading

    A handful of interesting reads from the internet pages of January 2014. In detail: shoelaces, viral content, Beats, tech bubble and more

  • Product Pitch: Sitemap Generator

    A pitched idea of mine for a web-tool that generates visually rich and useful sitemaps off existing URLs

  • Spikes

    I just did a days work and then threw it away, it was probably the best move I could have made. What is the value in doing something just to throw it away straight after you have finished?

  • Making resolutions? Build a framework

    I'm pretty bad at keep resolutions. What do I do wrong? This year I decided to build a way of making things I want to do easier to plan and fit in around the rest of what is going on in my life.

  • Get Content

    Nearly every project suffers the hand of 'content' and on the most part, getting it. I look at six things you need to get that all important content in a project.

  • It will never know who you are

    Cookie legislation has now left us with an array of awkward boxes to agree to, things to tick and dismiss. Smart machines are dumb, what do they need to know to make them smarter?

  • When the penny drops up the hill

    Props to my university teacher Christian. He made the most sense out of anyone at my university. Still to this day a talk he gave pops into my head, it's all about the 'penny drop'.

  • Read Later

    Crystal balls at the ready, I make a prediction on the way we will see sharing, aggregated content and recommendation engines change our viewing habits.