February Reading

The Agile Agency
Very rational run-through of agile process (which makes a change), good read and explains the advantages and disadvantages really well.

A simple guide to responsive design
A perfect starter into how to structure your HTML for responsive web design

Earlybird Europe Venture Capital Report
Interesting insight into the current state of venture capital in Europe, we have a huge supply gap that is growing. It’s a buyers market, so you better have something good to sell. Lots more covered in the pres.

The weight of rain
A really smart talk by Jonathan Corum, the science graphics editor at The New York Times and founder of 13pt. Not to be missed.

When You Fall in Love, This Is What Facebook Sees
Facebook ventures into the data stories that we know and love from the likes of OKCupid. Got me thinking, will honesty of data become part of all brand stories?

All You Need is Lab: How Science and Technology inspired innovation in music
Not an article as such but a great little program about music innovation,  my two favourites are the disco lighting sequencer and the real stereo rant.

Gruber on Microsoft
Satya Nadella needs to find Microsoft’s new “a computer on every desk and in every home running Microsoft software”. Here’s my stab at it: Microsoft services, sending data to and from every networked device in the world. The next ubiquity isn’t running on every device, it’s talking to every device.

Apples premium problem
What iphone is that?

Prototyping and Facebook
After the launch of Paper a few interesting reads surfaced around prototyping tools and techniques, the github repo for Origami and finally prototyping using xcode