Get Content

I have seen the same problem again and again when working on website projects. Content. Sadly, it’s often treated with very little importance. Features, design, price and deadlines are always the priority. I’m going to run through a few recommendations on how to get content. Doing these things through the duration of a project will inform the functionality of a project, how it looks and how much it costs. If anything, it should be one of the first things that happens. Work out what you need to tell people.

Six things that will help you get content:

1. You need a Mr Wolf (the fixer in the film Pulp Fiction). Someone needs to direct the content, be seen to make decisions whilst also having the pressure to deliver on time. Identify who is going to direct. This may well not be the person writing or researching content. It may be helpful if they are not the project manager/planner.

2. Become a hip-hop producer. Start by collecting and stealing. Gather examples of great copywriting, look at packaging, adverts on transport, TV commercials. Start to dissect what it is about brands communication that works. This goes for images and video too.

3. Become Alan Yentob (the documentary maker and creative director of the BBC). Interviewing and talking with clients about their company and product, why they do what they do will open up interesting starting points for subject and content that they will not be aware of.

4. Be like Facebook. Buy talent. If you don’t have an amazing video producer and you want an amazing video on your website, you need to hire/commission. Have a go yourself to get to grips with learning, process and technical details. But for professional finish, you need to hire.

5. Set up a sharing method. Be it a tumblr, dropbox or pinterest, share the content ideas, generation and collection with everyone in the team. This will inspire those on the project to input design ideas, CMS requirements, development features and it will help to weed out the cliches.

6. Edit down. There is a massive chance you have too much, be it words, pictures of length of a video. Keep it short. Make it good.