Product Pitch: Sitemap Generator

Create a visual index of any site, thumbnails help users see what the pages look like, all content presented in a visual sitemap.

Recently, I have been auditing a large website and I needed to get my head around how big and messy the company had become. I started searching for “visual sitemap generator” and the like, and if you head your merry way over to Barry Google you will indeed find the same kind of thing I found. Lots of XML output tools, a couple of Omnigraffle scripts and some PC software from a few years ago.

What I would like to see is a tool that you can sling a URL at and it will crawl through the pages and then help you build a sitemap from this data. Ideally, the tool should be ‘live’ in that you can view it in the browser and then get easy access to actual pages should you need to.

A webpage screenshot tool, such as URL2PNG could provide the visual thumbnail reference for the pages at the smallest scale in the sitemap. Zooming in on pages could then go onto iframe into a reduced view if you wanted to check for further details such as site furniture and layout elements.

When you have your sitemap ready the application could allow versioning by drag and drop, delete pages and relabelling key pages. This will then create a storyboard of the proposed changes from current live site to new build versions.

The audience here is anyone engaged from the client side, so it’s crucial to make the mess of webdata we get from audits become easier to read than any existing documents we use. The users are anyone in web development, especially at build production where “pro” features such as linking to github, annotations and links to development servers could become neat little features.

Pitch over. If you build it can I have a free pro account please?