• August Mix

    2hrs 28mins

    Ibiza tunes

  • Janaury Mix 2014

    1hr 29mins

    Deep house with a few jackin tracks

  • Sounds Like: Britney/Julio/Calvin

    5mins 7secs

    Comparison between three intros that sound like one another, well kind of.

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  • November Mix

    1hr 9mins

    Strong house songs

  • More George

    1hr 8mins

    A house mix with a fair bit of George Fitzgerald

  • Autumn Start

    50mins 30secs

    Better planned and more time spent faffing with levels and mix points, all house.

  • Mix for Frazer

    49 mins

    In this mix I try to focus on mixing records my mate Frazer might enjoy.

    House     Techno
  • The Third Set

    57 mins

    Timeline only, this experiment mix is timeline sequenced only, tried to plan it too

    House     Techno
  • February Already?


    A bit all of over the place as I'm still getting to grips with track selection and beat warping

    House     Techno     Disco
  • It’s been a while


    My first proper venture into Ableton, this is what I made after a few hours learning on Youtube