Autumn Start

I started this mix on a train from my folks place coming back to London last weekend. I ended up swapping 3 or 4 tracks out from the original recording as they was just too much going on in some of the mixes.

The aim was to try and avoid anything that was too extremely different, I had some feedback that my previous mixes record selection had been going all over the place. There are probably a few EQing guffups here and there.

Next steps are to start reading up on preparing tracks for studio mixes, looking at the soundwaves and playing with levels you can see a huge variation between the tracks.

It’s a house mix throughout really, different styles and levels of texture – the Soundstream and Four Tet track help break up the polite form of some of the other tunes. There was a Blawan track in here at one stage but sadly it got kicked out, the female vocal was too much, even though the donk was really pleasurable.

B.U.R.T. (The Journey) – 6th Borough Project
All Night (Tuff City Kids Remix) – Osbourne
Nobody Else – Dusky
Over and Over – T.S.O.S
Black Noise (&Me Remix)- Adam Port
What Ya Doin’ – Makam
Soundstream – Julie’s Theme
Sister – Leon Vynehall
Pinnacles – Four Tet
How Do You Do? – Hot Chip

Next time:
I would quite like to do a harder and darker mix, pick out some techno and look at a 808/909 section. I think this might make the controller more fun, when the sounds are really stripped back you can be a bit harsher with the kills and delays.