It’s been a while

There has been a bit of an itch developing for a while now. I have been wanting to mix records again. Be it some silly mashup ideas or more composed techno and house mixes.

I played with Ableton once and it was a disaster. Then the trial ran out. One of my ideas for this year was to build up a mix collection of the records I’m enjoying month to month as a mini documentation of the year in music.

On Friday evening I bought Ableton Lite. Today I Googled around for Youtube lessons and gave it a few hours to get the basics down of understanding the interface, importing tracks, beat warping, EQing, keymapping, compression and exporting.

It Could Have Been So Beautiful – Bvdub
Talk Torque – Scuba
Au Seve – Julio Bashmore
Dance With Me – Sound Stream
Inspector Norse – Todd Terje

I have made a real rough and ready mix, just five records, I probably could have chosen better records or laboured over the details for hours. I thought it would be nice to export it out with just a few hours put into it as a milestone of getting back into it again.

It’s not as fun as mixing records but I don’t think any computer interface or controller will compare to pulling back records, nudging platters and punching faders in and out.