Mix for Frazer

In an attempt to improve my mixing and record selection I’m picking someone I know to specifically create a mix for each time. Hopefully, thinking about that one person and the music they have played me in the past will help to structure what I’m doing. Especially when it comes to record selection.

First up then is Frazer. This mix is for you. I picked out techno tracks that felt like a good evolution from the Basic Channel, Berlin dub sound. The Shed remix really reminds me of some of the Faction nights in Manchester back in 2007-2008 when Pelican Neck Records were still going. There are a couple of vocal, housey tracks in there to bring the mood of the mix up, the kicks and snares in these tracks make for a nice transition between deeper and darker techno tracks.

Death (Lucy Remix) – Dadub
Control – Shifted
Relish (Shed Remix) – Substance
Tangled Track – Lawrence
Mosquito – Vester Koza
Face Love Anew – Stereogramous
FutureUnkown – SCB
Future – Kevin Saunderson
Overlay – SCB
What You Need – Soft House Company

I bit the bullet and bought a Allen & Heath Xone 2 Midi controller, really happy with it after mapping it up for most of last weekend. The mix of sliders, rotary controls and pads make it perfect for mixing and effects.