More George

I didn’t end up sticking to my plan of set that was more techno based, I wondered back into a house set, and it’s not such a bad result. There is a fair bit of George Fitzgerald love going on here. Which is understandable, he’s good. I kind of wish I had stuck in a newer track by him that had a real String of Life feel to it – “I can tell”.

I ended up cleaning up a lot of impulse ‘fucking about’ from the live controller session that I mixed down the tracks in. There is something about listening to bass kills and delays in the cold light of day that makes them feel crap and overworked.

Oneohtrix Point Never – Zebra
Tom Trago – Lost in the Streets of NYC
Adam Stacks – Don’t Know
Will Saul Presents CLOSE (George Fitzgerald Remix) – Beam me up
Citizen – So Submissive
Washerman – Sneaker Girlz
George Fitzgerald – Lights Out
George Fitzgerald – Child
Midnight Magic – Beam me Up
Emil Berliner – Feel Good
Autochtones – Everlasting Roots
Glasser – Learn (John Talabot Remix)
Mister Lies – Ludlow
Duff disco – TLD
TLC – Creep

I got a bit silly at the end and decided to slam in the original of TLC that was sampled in the previous track ‘TLD’ by Duff Disco. There is a slight tempo change for the last three tracks which got my thinking about how I might structure a longer set to have a varied set of tempos.

Next time: hopefully a mix of both house and techno. I’m keen to try a really stripped back 30 minutes for the techno bit, get the Snuff Crew out, hit as many 808 drums as possible. We will see.