Sounds Like: Britney/Julio/Calvin

I quite enjoy connecting parts of songs that sound similar in melody, drum structure, composition and so on. I was reading and watching a few things about the producer Dr. Luke this morning and was going through tracks he has worked on – I landed on the recent Britney Spears “Work Bitch” track which I hadn’t yet heard.

There is an interesting little cross-over in the start of the track between the Julio Bashmore track “Battle For Middle You”. In addition to this the Calvin Harris’ track “Acceptable In The 80’s” seems to bridge the two of these really well.

My feeling is that its the additional reverb on the drums that’s doing most of the work here. Britney has the most, second is Calvin and then finally Julio has none at all, Julio does however have a fair bit of reverb on his synth “wob-wob” noise. This noise is the hook that really tied the tracks together for me.

I chucked the rest of the songs after their first breakdown at the end just for reference, structurally and sonically the songs are each (as much as possible) their own after this.