The Third Set

I thought it might be a good idea to plan a mix a bit better rather than aimlessly trying to crash songs into each other. Still, I was being impatient and there are a couple of tracks I knew needed to be shelved that made it into the mix. Mainly down to the flow.

Second to last track is a real interesting one, perhaps a bit too dark compared to the rest of the set. A remix by SCB – an alias of Scuba’s, who is much earlier on in the mix. From listening to Phurturelabs podcast and chatting to my mate Chris, it’s funny to hear that Scuba is getting a bit of displeasing noise around some of his more happier vocal tracks. Meh, I like Scubas recent tracks. There are some great SCB remixes and tracks worth listening to, check out the Beatport listings here.

A few things to note:
1. This mix was created purely in the sequencer view
2. It’s really boring going over the waveforms, takes ages to get right and you start to listen to the mix way more than normally
3. Need to get on and order a controller to make it more fun (how many more weeks am I going to write that)
4. It feels a bit wooden in place, looping tools and looking and subtle effects could have got the sound to a better and not so obvious finish.

Download ‘Third Set.mp3’ here

1. Justin Berkovi – Oceans
2. Jeff Samuel – Lost
3. Chesus – Newark
4. Scuba – Hard Body
5. Jeff Samuel – Knob (steve bug remix)
6. Vernon Ray, Dog.Ma – First Day (MK Deep Remix)
7. Gaiser – Oolooloo
8. ARTIFACT – The Way It Do
9. 69 – Poi Et Pas (ROD Remix)
10. Mount Kimbie – Vertical (SCB edit)
11. Hackman – Forgotten Notes

More next week, might do a non-techno intro, was good hearing RA’s podcast by PillowTalk this week, amazing record selection.