Lawrence Brown

Principal Design Operations at NET-A-PORTER & MR. PORTER, London.


Clients: Vodafone, Samsung, Google, Red Bull, Telecom Italia, Vevo, BBC, Deutsche Telekom, Verizon, Soho House, Real Networks, Vimeo, Adama.

Skills: Business Development, Branding Design, Product Strategy, Proposition Development, Creative Direction, Product Design, Relationship Management.

Employers: YNAP, DAZN, W12 Studios, Moving Brands, With Associates

Side Dishes: Ableton, House & Techno Podcast, Writing, Newsletter, Running, Podcasts, Internet Links, Pictures, Locations, Magazines, Printing.

White Label Project: Functional starting points for design

  • Brand Architecture (coming soon)
  • Brand Mission (coming soon)
  • Brand Book (coming soon)
  • User Testing
  • Workshops

Currently: “Zeroing the desk” – resetting the dials on a audio mixing desk before the next recording session starts. More on this here.