Hello, I’m Lawrence.

I’m a Design Operations & Research Lead at PHILLIPS where we make software that is modernising our auction experience. I’ve worked at design agencies and in-house for fifteen years. This first part of the year at Phillips we’re working on updating career frameworks, transforming knowledge management and Figma ways of working.

This website was designed and coded in public, is now made directly in WordPress Gutenberg, with the odd bit of Figma. So you’ll still occasionally see elements that will not look as they should. I’ve taken the leap in 2024 to go all in on a no code approach for all my self initiated websites. As of mid-February they are all up and running and I’m populating content.

Check out one of the websites: Inventory Supplies a database of technical, functional and beautiful products. I’m currently working on improving the imagery using production tweaks.

Another self initiated project made its way into the world this month was a domain I had sat parked for 18 years. Presenting: Typography on Screen a scrapbook for type seen on screen in films and tv shows I watch.

The last album I bought was To Win in Silence by Ruffien.

I’ve started writing week notes again, I keep these to myself and then publish a public four week summary up on this site. At the last post… we are 15.3% through the year. Read the 1st here and the 2nd here.

Hollie and I at 180 The Strand in Jan ’22

In 2018 I quit Instagram, it’s been a real buzz kill to see what happened to a photography app. Missing that feeling of taking photos and posting them, I’ve been making my own photos area to store stuff. In the background I’ve been going through uploading ten years of snaps.

I keep my photos over here https://lawrencebrown.eu/photos/ and I’m currently in the grunt work phase of manually migrating them from my previous build. There’s also been a small-ish clean-up on my local database too after de-platforming from Google Photos.

When I started out making sites in Dreamweaver back in 2002 I just wanted to get more stuff online. Today, the web has become a place of closed networks and platforms that we don’t get any say on how they work and what implications our loyalty comes with. My goal is to enjoy coding, making, designing and self-publishing anything I might need to refer to later, show someone or document to understand it better myself. Let your internet be wild and findable.

Travel 2024: Hollie and I are booked and/or penciled to visit: 🇵🇹 Lisbon, 🇪🇸 Madrid + Barcelona, 🇫🇷 (near) Bordeaux and 🇲🇽 Mexico. Do send me any suggestions, I’d love that.

My email – email@lawrencebrown.eu