Org Design

There’s a lot to consider when mapping out an org chart, inevitably you’ll need to keep at it, create a few versions and collaborate with a handful of people to sense check the design and its impact.

As a starting block, you need to roadmap of the company, a guide on budget tiers and an up to date view on the work assigned to the team. Beyond this, having individual skill mapping data and people management data helps create a detailed view to stress test your design.

Stuff you might want

  • Org chart today
  • Org chart future versions
    • Budget changes
    • Roadmap of company / product
    • Closing skills / people management gaps
  • Hiring sequence of future org
    • Reporting and practice option

Tools and Plugins


Take time to design your recruitment process end to end, use service design principles and techniques to make out the flow. It is a sales process as well as a recruitment process, make it feel great for applicants to go through. Invest in the details of what happens at each stage, ideally getting this into a handbook document helps align everyone.

Stuff you might want

  • Business case template
  • Job description templates (master, practice, team, levels)
  • Ways of working documentation for team and recruiter to follow
  • Interview questions library
  • Interviewer scripts
  • Design task templates
  • Database of job sites
  • Database of meetups, events
  • Write blog posts from the team about design life inside the company, send these to candidates
  • Trello for tracking the funnel of job posts, applications, interviews, offers

Strategy Ideas

  • Run or sponsor a design event
  • Create an external website to showcase the team, work, mission
  • Plan how you will headhunting, use LinkedIn Premium for search, map out companies to headhunt from

Tools and Plugins



Skills Map & Career Progression

Skills mapping (icon designer, illustrator, typography). Competency Frameworks / skills matrix. Keeping great people. Being responsive to their needs, development and wellbeing. Promotion process needs attention Objectives need resetting and understanding Part of culture workstream is looking at career development for designers Satisfaction surveys and interviews need to be conducted Recognition and reward need to be made transparent within teams PDPs

Further Reading


Training our teams in design, communication, technology, fashion and retail. Created YNAP business guide, next stage is making it a video hive training guides required Tracking of team skills and experience required Conferences documented in Google Sites, T&C communicated, Database created Management training required, onboarding guides started Skillshare subscription opened to team Learning area needs to centralised on Google Sites


Design talks+


Meetings & Rituals

1:1s. Set familiar patterns that align working methods and communications.Status Meetings Projects. Issues. Resourcing. Milestones. Phases. Team. Training. Culture. Activities. Deliverables. Infrastructure. Departments (tech, marketing). Routines: Set familiar patterns that align working methods and communications.

1:1 template


Ensuring all risk is removed and knowledge sharing is at the core of leavers process. Workflow created, followed with last leaver Created full transparency in documents, hardware and 3rd party app permissions Has allowed us to find gaps in leaves not tracked in system. Needs aligning with IT to understand why they don’t transfer user data.

  • Create new starter packs
  • Begin creating mission patches to celebrate team milestones and achievements
  • Shout out scheme in our communications
  • Evolve skills map
  • Talk at external meetup or conference
  • Work with universities to speak/placements/pipeline grads
  • Salary banding for design
  • Team away day for getting to know / vision setting
  • Hiring workflow tailored to job roles
  • Guides for interviewers / hiring managers
  • Represent in an external community (talks, learning etc)
  • Making our promotions process more transparent



Includes OKRs Objectives (team, department, individual)

Health Check

How do you ensure the team is healthy?


Mindfulness Talk series Offsites meeting people Environmental (litter picking) Community ( health/sport knowledge sharing speakers/Events bake-off christmas summer party lunch and learn learning and development exhibitions meet-ups breakfast, lunches, Conferences