Invest time with experts in your teams to stress test current and emerging software. Run a budget and inventory process to avoid needless licence costs. Commit to using software long enough that you’re not wasting time migrating files and skills.

What you need to consider: We’re faced with a complex but exciting challenge when it comes to software tooling:

  • Apps are launching new features often
  • This increases feature and workflow overlap between apps
  • We might be missing out on easier and faster ways to make things
  • Some apps are by design trapping us into their proprietary file types, lack of connectivity and expensive user permission models
  • Saying yes to all apps pushes costs up
  • Teams can get confused about what app to use for parts of their workflow
  • We can all end up with a broad but shallow understanding of our software
  • Procurement, set-up and transfer processes can take time from everyone, we need to find our teams sweet spot between app benefits, time investment and industry progression

Software Checklist

Requirements list

A list of your design outputs with technical specifications which you can use to evaluate software against. Example: Can you make a HTML prototype in Figma? Not today.

Working Group

A group of people who will help steer, trial and assess the software you buy. Essential to keep on top of emerging features and having a solid understanding of day to day workflow in the team. Added bonus is you can define software ways of working in this group too.

Budget tracker

Spreadsheet to calculate yearly spend, forecast, actuals, design outputs the software is used for, cost per user, cost per design practice.

Budget calculator

Spreadsheet to calculate cost options across multiple software options. This data supports your business case when purchasing. Consider variables: volume licensing, team growth, user type fees.

Manual licence process

Ideally you want to set-up Single Sign On for every bit of software, this can come at an extra cost with some suppliers. If you don’t have SSO setup. Offboard people on their last day. Set-up a monthly/quarterly calendar reminder to audit the users against your team database and remove anyone who has left

Software tutorials

Specific guides on how your teams use that software. Getting started guides, experts in the company to connect with. External links to YouTube, software company videos, help pages

Rough app guide

Where possible: Document, Whiteboard, Design vector, Design bitmap, Diagram, Prototype, Edit video

Apps the teams recommend

You might want to create a list on your intranet where teams can share apps they have bought or use in their own worfklow to make their lives easier. For example: resizes windows quickly for two up

Procurement templates

Medium sized Business case