Decision nuggets

▼ This got me thinking. Damn I want some chicken nuggets. Would I ever go to Burger King for them though? Wait. But why? I haven’t even tried BK’s nuggets.

You’ve got to love a strategy that can have a place in our mind the second before we commit to a competitor. They are your doubt. They are your wake up call. At this point, they own questioning a decision, if only for a second.

BK are notable for a variety of interesting marketing ideas, stunts and executions, I wouldn’t say this is one of them.

Although, there’s something wonderfully childish about this. It’s cheeky and we all know BK’s brand is too. Often you hear marketeers talk about “brand positioning” – a place in a consumers mind. They have nailed it here just by the physical positioning and opportunity, with added bonus of not having to worry about any smart ass copywriting.

Questions I’m thinking about

  • Where is your companies brand positioned literally and strategically?
  • Will you get this close to influencing your customer during a decision?
  • How can you deliver brand voice without needing copy?
  • What are BK’s chicken nuggets actually like?

Written by
Lawrence Brown on 17th July 2019

Emoji Treasure Hunt

You can have this idea.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I have no opportunity to apply it to any live projects.
Introducing… The Emoji Treasure Hunt 💯👏. If you’re working at or with a company talking to a younger audience and you have mobile figured out – this will/could work.

  • Start a flash sales campaign. 💸
  • Put some insanely good discounts out on retail/services items. Retail works better – think ASOS. 📉👕👚👗👖
  • Now setup search 🔍 so that unique combinations of emojis ⛱🎤 surfaces theses SKUs.
  • Make it limited to 10s or 100s of items for each SKU to spike interest. 💰📈

The best bit is the opportunity for combining emojis to surface the related products. This can be made really fun 👻👟🐓. Null results should be dealt with small clues 🕵, get users searching again and again, guide them to the prize 🎉, let them solve the pattern.

The aim – create a result of awareness 📈, create a reward incentive 🎁, increase time on site 🕝, increase eyes on product catalogue 👀 and some offers so good it’s hard to put your phone down 📱.

The phone is crucial. Right now emojis are hard on desktop keyboards (or could be considered niche).

Here’s two examples:

👯🙈 = Alexa Bodysuit
🏕❄️ = North Face Jacket

Written by
Lawrence Brown on 21st February 2016